Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BBQ Bacon Bomb Explosion Dun by a Coon Ass!!!

Hey Yall, now yall know I love to cook some cajun and creole food, stuff that is slow cooked with love and lots of wonderful ingredients. I decided to do something a little different today. I do love some great BBQ and I have a wonderful recipe for you. This recipe comes from the BBQ Pit Boys @ BBQ and if you haven't checked them out yet, please do!!!!! You won't be disappointed!!!! Of course, as a cajun or a coon ass, I had to put the south Louisiana spin on things and I think yall will find it delicious. Here you have pork wrapped in pork and wrapped in pork again. Arrrghhhhqaioiqe4wt0934tijjfqoiuq49uq3ominjfegoiqajgiom!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I think I just had a heart attack from typing that!!!!

Here we have a 50/50 blend of ground chuck and pork. The pork has been seasoned to what we call a cajun pork hot sausage. Lots of cayenne among other seasonings. Sweet smoked bacon and pork Boudin round out this BBQ adventure!!! That's the sinful part, of course, there are other wonderful ingredients that we can't forget to mention. We have onions, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers and that ohh so wonderful pepper jack cheese. Here is what it looks like all put together before the grill. I mean, this is a work of art!!!!!

This is the finished product. Now that's Money!!!!!